Riccardo Federici is born in Roma on september the 2nd 1976, Riccardo Federicci took up an early interest for drawing and painting, while playing the drums. After getting his art diploma, he attended the Architecture faculty in “The Sapienza” University of Roma. At the same time, he studied physiology. He was drawing anatomical illustrations, children comic strips, ad campaign illustrations, until he met Marya Smirnoff in 2005, with whom he signed an edition contract for the realization of two comic strip albums “La Madone de Pellini” In 2009, he carried on the graphic of “Saria”, initiated by one of the greatest comic strip author: Paolo Serpieri. Each and every page of that album is a painting, one needs only sifting through it to realize it. But, his desire for creation lead him to painting, mostly with oils and to sculpting, never denying his basics: comic strip, but willing to transcend them, to take them to cutting edge concepts and materials. Riccardo Federici was the first comic strip artist to have been exposed at the Roma Biennale, next to the greatest contemporary painters and photographers.  Riccardo Federici is also a professor at some of the private art academies including the Naples International Comics School and the Roman School of Comics. Currently, he is working with Editions Delcourt, DC Comics, DC Vertigo, Blizzard Entertainment and at the same time, he organizes workshop of paint, illustration, comics and concept design in Europe.

Riccardo Federici

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