Greg Capullo 

Currently is the monthly Artist for DC Dark Nights Metal. His previous works include Batman, Spawn, X-Force, Creech and Rebron.

Tom King

currently is the monthly author for Batman Rebirth. His previous works include Grayson and Marvel Comics Vision. 

Joshua Williamson

 He’s most known for his Image Comics and Skybound series. Joshua is the writer on the new Flash series from DC Comics. 

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Emanuela Lupacchino

is the cover artist for the DC comics series Green Lantern. Her work history includes: Worlds Finest, X-Factor, &  DC Bombshell Covers.

Brian Azzarello

is an American comic book writer and screenwriter. He came to prominence with the hardboiled crime series 100 Bullets, published by DC Comics.

Steve Orlando

is a comic book writer who has worked for both DC Comics and Image Comics. 

Dijana Granov

is currently a part of the illustration faculty at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is open for a very limited number of commissions.

James Tynion IV

James Tynion IV is an American comic book writer. He is best known for his work on the Batman franchise at DC Comics.

Frank Miller

is the Legendary Creator responsible for Batman the Dark Knight Returns, Daredevil, Sin City, 300, Ronin, and so much more.   

Mirka Andolfo

​is part of the current creative talent behind the hit DC Series Bombshells. Her previous works include Marvel Comics, Zenoscope and more.

Charles Soule

currently is the monthly author for Darth Vader and Astonishing X-Men. His previous works include Daredevil & Inhumans

Clay Mann

currently is the monthly artist for DC comics Batman. His work history includes: Batman Eternal, Batgirl, Gambit, & X-Men.

Scott Snyder

currently is the monthly author for DC Dark Nights Metal. His previous works include Batman, Wytches, All Star Batman, & Superman Unchained. 

Mark Sparacio

list of work includes: Covers for Shi, DC Comics Green Lantern, Marvel Comics Heroes for Hire, Overstreet Price Guide & much more.

Marguerite Bennett

is currently the monthly author of DC Comics Batwoman, and DC Bombshells. She is also a former student of Scott Snyders. 

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