Pre-Show Commission list 2019:

Mark is only doing commission on 11x14 paper. 

Please note this $1500.00 spot is for a 100% guaranteed commission spot from Mark at his next show. Mark will take up to 10 more requests on Facebook at a lesser rate. Those commission however are not guaranteed to be done. Those Facebook requests are given to Mark and he selects 1-2 which he then does. Based off characters he wants to draw. The commission chance above is the only way to ensure 100% that Mark will do your request. 

11x14 - Single Character - Full Figure Copic


  • ECCC - Closed 
  • Megacon - Closed 
  • Denver -Closed 
  • SDCC -Closed 
  • Rose City -Closed 

is an American illustrator known for his work on titles for Marvel Comics, including Cable & Deadpool, Ultimate X-Men, The Amazing Spider-Man, The X-Men, Avengers, and many other event titles. In recent years Mark has also started to add several of DC Comics top titles to his ever impressive resume. 

Commission options: (images are examples only and not for sale)

All commissions will be copiced by Mark.

Commission status: Pre-Show Commissions Open

Please make sure you put the show name in the title. 

Mark Brooks