​​​Q: How much is the cost of getting a Mitch Gerads CGC Signature via mail away?

A: Mitch's fee for CGC books is $15 per book via mail away. CGC is then $55 a book via mail away. The total cost would be $70 per book. This includes return shipping in the USA. 

Q: How much is the cost of getting a Mitch Gerads RAW Signature via mail away?
A: Mitch's fee for raw book is $5 per book via mail away. return shipping is then $5 for 1-3 books or $10 for 3 or more books. Total cost would be be $15 for 1 book. This includes return shipping to you. 

Q: Can I submit on my own CGC account to waive the additional grading fees?

A: Yes, you are free to submit on your own CGC account (however you must complete the paperwork  and send it in with your books) 

Q: What if I am a Dealer and want to set up a private signing for my customers?

A: Please contact us for information on how this will be handled. We are happy to work with every dealer or facilitator who wants to set up their own signing. There is special pricing for dealers and facilitators (for mail in signings only) but please be aware there is now a 100 book minimum to schedule these events through the mail. And a 50 book minimum to schedule them at a show Mitch will be at. 

Q: Will Mitch offer any remarks or inscriptions on my books?

A: A remark by Mitch Gerads is $25.00 an item.  

Q: Is Mitch taking on any commissions?


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Cash, Check, Money Order, Paypal and Credit Cards via paypal for mail in items. At a show we accept cash and credit cards.​