Daredevil #600 Adi Granov Variant Cover Set

Writer: Charles Soule 

Cover: Adi Granov

Daredevil can see the new mayor’s machinations coming together… but is he in time to stop them? Guest-starring both the heroes and villains of the New York City streets… this oversized anniversary issue has a surprise ending that will shake the city to its very core! Plus: a look at Foggy & Matt’s relationship over the years!

Adi Granov Cover A

 Starting @ $12.99

David Finch Cover A

 Starting @ $54.99

Joe Quinones "True Virgin" Cover 

1000 Print Run

Adi Granov Daredevil Variant Cover

Joe Quinones "True Virgin" Variant Cover

Adi Granov & Joe Quinones Virgin Venom #1 Variant Covers

Origins Cover A

 Starting @ $15.00

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 David Finch Cover Variant Set

Writer: Kyle Higgins

Cover: David Finch

All Books will be signed by Jason David Frank w/COA!

The Power Rangers have always been a beacon of light and good; there to save the world day in and day out. This time around, they face a nemesis far worse than they have seen, Lord Drakkon, the alternate and evil version of Tommy Oliver. Bringing the voice of Lord Drakkon, who’s vicious and ruthless, to life ran a volt of energy throughout me,” said Jason David Frank. 

Venom #1 Virgin Variant Cover art by Adi Granov & Joe Quinones

Writer: Donny Cates

Cover: Adi Granov & Joe Quinones

“It's unlike any foe Eddie, or the Symbiote has ever faced,” Stegman tells ComicBook.com of this emerging evil. “It's something that's incredibly old, and unbelievably powerful with ties to not only the symbiote's dark past but the Marvel Universe itself. This is a horror story thousands of years in the making."

Joe Quinones "Jackpot" Cover 

 Starting @ $35.00

1500 Print Run

Phoenix Resurrection Mark Brooks Variant Cover! 

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg

Cover: Mark Brooks

---She will return, like a Phoenix from the ashes---
Years ago, Jean Grey died and the X-Men mourned her. Since then, the world has changed, her teammates have lived without her and died without her. And now, when strange events start happening all over the world, those teammates can only come to one conclusion – the one true Jean Grey is back!

This limited edition "True Virgin" Joe Quinones Cover will be for sale via our online store ONLY in 3 pack sets & CGC 9.8 Signature Series format. 

Only 250 Copies will be released online.

All remaining copies will be sold as a show exclusive in Megacon at Donny Cates table. 

Adi Granov "Symbiote" Cover 

 Starting @ $16.99

3000 Print Run

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Mark Brooks Magik Variant Cover

250 Copies will be sold online, in 3 pack sets only

Mark Brooks Phoenix Variant Cover

David Finch MMPR Variant Cover

David Finch Cover B

 Starting @ $79.99

Variant Cover A

 Starting @ $10.00

New Mutants #1 Mark Brooks Variant Cover Set

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg

Cover: Mark Brooks

The New Mutants are launching themselves headfirst into some of the creepiest corners of the Marvel Universe, going on the missions no one else will. But does the team know what they are really hunting for? And what are they willing to do to get it? The enigmatic MAGIK will lead her team of WOLFSBANE, RICTOR, BOOM-BOOM and STRONG GUY and bring them face-to-face with paranormal threats that they may not be prepared for, and that might just tear them apart!