"I had been looking for someone to run CGC opps for the artists that I represent and I had several people offer to do it for the group.  I did my research, followed up with a few people and finally came to the decision that ComicSketchArt was our go to facilitator.  We've put them through the ringer and thier attitude has ALWAYS, without fail, been professional.  They has handled everything we have thrown at them with intelligence and patience.  I sincerely doubt that you will find someone better at this than them."

Bob Shaw
Art Agent - ComicArtHouse.com
"Easy and quick communication with ComicSketchArt.com who orchestrated a wonderful sketch cover opportunity. I had a lot of fun!"

Sara Richard
Comic Artist
"ComicSketchArt.com is one of my favorite CGC dealers; I entrust in their ability to provide and would recommend them for any Signature Series related service. They are reliable, friendly, professional, fast and their communication is second to none. I have not been left unsatisfied yet and don't imagine I ever will."

Lloyd J. Bailey
CGC Signature Series Collector - United Kingdom
"ComicSketchArt.com has allowed me to be at every major comic convention without leaving my home. They have helped me to add to my sketch collection from artists who have yet to come to the Denver area and have assisted in getting sketches for AuroraRise, a charity I work with here in Colorado. Keep up the great work!!"

Tom Sullivan
Sketch Collector - USA
"ComicSketchArt.com provides me with an invaluable service as a customer outside of the US who is unable to attend conventions, and in multiple dealings and requests I have not once been left unsatisfied or disappointed. I would recommend this service to collectors both new and old with nothing but absolute confidence."

Paul Larn
CGC Signature Series Collector - United Kingdom
"ā€‹ I lack the ability to attend more than one convention a year, and ComicArtSketch.com has made it possible for me to get pieces from artists and creators that I could not. When I first entered the world of CGC graded sketches I had no idea of how things worked, and I was frankly amazed by how helpful and professional they were. No question was too dumb, even if I felt a bit embarrassed asking. It was always met with a quick and thorough reply. After over one dozen graded sketches I am completely convinced that ComicSketchArt.com is the best at what they do."

Austin Mills
CGC Sketch Collector - USA
"ComicSketchArt.com provides friendly, reliable, professional and fast services for sketch collectors who are unable to attend US comic conventions. Communication is excellent and they are attentive to listen. They follow up my arts with due care and I will continue to use ComicSketchArt.com. I recommend their services without hesitation."

CGC Signature Series Forum Member - Hong Kong
"I've sent books in to ComicSketchArt.com a few times for CGC SS when I'm unable to attend cons. I know my books are handled carefully because in the grade range I was expecting. Communication is excellent and any questions get answered quickly. I will continue to use ComicSketchArt.com's services in the future."

CGC Signature Series Forum Member - USA
"I'm a comic art collector based in South-east Asia, so it isn't much of a surprise that I don't typically attend comic conventions in the United States. So it's with much pleasure that I recommend CSA to my fellow oversea collectors. CSA's been a trustworthy and dependable service, helping me pickup and arrange all manner of artwork, ranging from Original Art, Commissions and CGC Sketch Covers over the past year. When I first got in contact with CSA, I was new to the comic art and convention scene, so he's been kind enough to tolerate and walked me through all manner of stupid/silly questions that I've had. Suffice to say, what started as a one off transaction quickly developed into a great friendship.So again, I can't recommend CSA enough. If you ever get that itch to add something to your collection, and you can't attend the convention your favorite artist is at? Or even if you want to get something from your favorite artist and don't know how? Give CSA a call, I'm sure he'll hook you up."

Brennan See
Art Collector - Hong Kong
"ComicSketchArt.com provides an invaluable service for anyone interested in collecting sketch covers without being able to attend US comic conventions, and they do so with professionalism and reliability. I have also personally experienced that they will go above and beyond in their quest to get your sketch requests done. They have earned a loyal customer in me and I recommend their services without hesitation."

CGC Signature Series Forum Member - Norway
"As my collection of sketch work, original art as well as CGC SS books grows so does my want list, unfortunately I can't attend every convention. Seeing as ā€‹Iā€™m Canadian it is extremely difficult as well as expensive to travel to the US to attend these shows. Since I have started to use ComicSketchArt.com  they have allowed me not only get art that typically I would never have dreamed of getting, but everything is handled professionally, honestly and timely. ComicSketchArt.com continues to impress me with their rolodex of artists that they work closely with. Comicsketchart.com's service is one of legend and I'm very happy to say that I have been using their service for over a year now (I purchase bi-weekly) and I don't see an end to it. It is with absolute pleasure that I vouch for ComicSketchArt.com and also commend them on a much needed service for true collectors such as myself."

Kellam Rosales 
(Life time customer) - Canada

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